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Our Philosophy

"You are a person.  Not a tooth."


We understand that most people are not too excited about the thought of needing a root canal.  It's with that understanding, we want to work with your dentist to diagnose dental issues & determine whether if you need the treatment.  If indeed it's necessary, we will take care of you (and your tooth) to the best of our ability.​


"At Reading Endodontics, a great root canal experience is just the beginning."


Life is stressful enough.  Our waiting room was envisioned to be a temporary getaway for you to escape, unwind, and get settled in on our super comfortable chairs and couches.  Even our dental chairs, doctor and assistant chairs are all comfy.  Go ahead.  Try them.

a Healing Oasis

Dr. Brian Chuang:  "I wanted to create a welcoming retreat that is warm and calming to the patients.  But with all the thoughtful touches and compassionate staff, first and foremost, Reading Endodontics is a state of the art, forward-thinking, uncompromising quality- and people-minded endodontic office."


Aside from designing the entire layout and selecting all the soothing colors in the office, Dr. Chuang set out to provide high quality care that a patient could receive.  Reading Endodontics has integrated electronic medical records that you can enter at home, unparalleled Zeiss Microscopes to find elusive canals, a cutting edge Cone Beam CT to visualize complex canal systems, and Digital Radiography and Photography to illustrate and explain to you what is going on in plain English.

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